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One day at a time

I don’t know why, but today I’m really struggling to focus on the here and now, and not get anxious about how much longer we’re on this challenge.


I do think it’s possibly because I’ve got a lot of work stress, and my usual de-stress in the past has been overeating high calorie foods. Obviously we can’t do that now. The problem is emotional eating is instantly gratifying.  I’ve been trying really hard to just acknowledge my anxiety and try reason it away. Lots of breathing exercises etc.


Oh and my reward to myself at the end of last week – a gorgeous indoor palm – had been a hit. Maybe too much of a hit for my cats as they think it’s something new to chew on. And my husband got pissy when I came out with the chili powder to dust the palm. Little does he realize that’s how I stopped them from eating the orchids. 🤫


This Friday I’ve decided to book into a candle-lit Yin Yoga session after work, and I’m really looking forward to some deep but gentle stretches, especially for my back and shoulders where I carry my stress.


I’m thinking of dusting off my mountain bike and going for a ride on Saturday, and maybe taking a walk on Sunday. Just ways to relax after this week.


I hope you’re all having a good week!

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    Juliet Kriel
    March 14th 2018

    Lol…. chilli powder 😂 Sounds devine the spoils you have instore for yourself. Enjoy them – you deserve it. ❤

    Danielle Beder
    March 15th 2018

    I also have awful anxiety and am on the same page as you with regards to yoga – it really does help! If you are even thinking about taking your bike out, do it!


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