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Preparation saves the day!

Last night I was so weary when I got in, but I made sure I fully prepped all I would need for my trip to Jhb.  And when I woke up at 3:20 am I was so pleased I’d forced myself to be disciplined the evening before by counting out my supplements, and putting everything I needed aside in the fridge and on the counter.


Travelling the the way I do requires a lot of advance planning and in my case significant willpower to see that planning happen.  But since I’ve started, I honestly can see that this diet is teaching me so much more than just helping me lose weight. I’m learning what I consider good habits and if I maintain them I will be able to keep the weight off

✅ Weekly meal plan with variety

✅ Food prep is vital

✅ Drink water

✅ 5 small meals per day


We all know the story but at the end of the day each of those things listed above has to be underlined with a healthy dose of discipline. Even.When.I.Am.Tired.


The benefits are so significant. I used to disdainfully consider 5 small meals a pain, but I’ve found that the snacks stave off major hunger, so I’m not ravenous by the time dinner comes. Obviously in this case the HCG is doing it’s job and I should also be burning calories from bad fat so that helps with hunger.  But I’m kinda looking at this in an overall way.


I’ve been sipping through my water allocation daily, recalling that a nutritionist once told me that the way we drink water affects us too. Her theory is that if we glug a whole lot of water all at once, it stretches the stomach, which in turn feels emptier and we feel the need to fill it more. I’m not sure if there’s any science behind that, but it sounds pretty logical and I think it’s made a difference for me.


Wishing all those having their weigh in today and tomorrow all the best! Your hard work and persersnce will be directly reflected in the results!

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    Nicky Bester
    February 7th 2018

    Great planning! Well done! I am going to try your water suggestion… I am not a big water drinker, so find that I end up glugging water down, just to get a litre in never mind more… going to give the sip technique a try!

    Tracy Lee Campbell
    February 7th 2018

    Thank you. I hope that you find the water tip useful! Just sip regularly. Sounds easier than it is!

    Karen Muller
    February 7th 2018

    So true – planning and preparation makes a huge difference. I know the pain of traveling -just greatful i don’t have to do it as much as you do – all the best😊

    Tracy Lee Campbell
    February 7th 2018

    Thanks Karen, wishing you mind blowing results when you have your first official weigh in!


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