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Rewarding yourself (with food)

From childhood until now, I realised that I have always been rewarded with food, for either good behavior, a loss, an achievement or a heartbreak. I mean look at the way we celebrate everything in life, with food. From weddings, a party, funerals, etc. I kept that bad habit going in my adulthood. Rewarding myself with food when I accomplished something or had a heartbreak or disappointment in my life.

Last night, I wanted to “reward” myself for losing weight in the first 2 weeks of my jurney, with FOOD! I realised this is more self-destructing than rewarding. Another mindset to change? OK, I will deal with that, but in a positive and loving way, instead of being mad at myself for cheating.

The reason I am sharing this personal struggle with you is that we all have mental struggles. You are not alone! What’s important though, is the way we deal with these struggles. Immediately get your mind out of the negative (complaining, feeling sorry for yourself) and start to focus on the positive (health, happiness, love). This quote from Kyle Cease says it all:  ‘You can always measure what you’ll lose, but you can’t see what you’ll gain.” So let go of that thing that is holding you back from breaking free from it.

Be kind to yourself  and have a wonderful and healthy weekend!



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    Nicky Bester
    February 9th 2018

    I do the same thing Yvette! Have already thought “mustn’t go and eat something I shouldnt when I get to 5 or 10kgs” Got to change my mindset as well! Good Luck!

  • administrator
    Health Renewal
    February 9th 2018

    Wow what an amaizing realization you’ve had there! Life changing. Dr. Marissa


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