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Self acceptance and dieting

The “experts” say you should accept yourself just as you are to have a healthy state of mind with your body. That being said, does that mean I don’t love myself if I am on a diet? That made me think about what I think and feel about myself in my deepest inner thoughts.

I cannot accept and should not accept that my body is unhealthy by being overweight. I don’t even like to see myself in the mirror like this. That does not mean I don’t love myself. That is why I am on the path to a new lifestyle, and that means I do love myself enough to care about my weight.

It is Valentines Day after all, so give yourself a tap on the shoulder and love yourself for being on this journey.


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    Juliet Kriel
    February 14th 2018

    Well said Yvette.

    February 14th 2018

    Fully agree. Had the same thoughts earlier.


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