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This challenge has certainly got me to do some thinking about what it is I want for my life.  Its amazing to me how we often sometimes get in  our own way, and some do it over and over again, whether its for example, drinking, over-eating or procrastinating.  This behavior generally is a result of misguided attempts to ‘rescue’ ourselves from our own negative self-perception, and self-doubt.  Sometimes we do it to ‘not feel’ the emotions – comfort eating I think could be an example of this, and I know I have been guilty of this at times.  Self-sabotage is basically understanding what we want, and then go about making sure that it doesn’t happen – go figure!!!

I have recently been reading about self-sabotage and it was explained that it isn’t an act, but rather a process, and whist we all make mistakes, a true self-saboteur will carry on trying to correct the mistakes by top-loading them with other bad decisions.  Hmmmm, guilty as charged sometimes….

Very critical going forward, to remain successful in this healthy food journey, is to continuously be on top of my emotions and my feelings, and be able to identify what the triggers are and how to prevent them from allowing the self-sabotage process to continue….

Note to self for the future…


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    Daleen Le Grange
    March 25th 2018

    Thanks Jackie …..yes I agree with you and I’m quilty of that!!

    Colette Mansfield
    March 25th 2018

    This rings very true for me too.

    Tracy Lee Campbell
    March 26th 2018

    Wow such an good read – good food for thought!!


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