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Self-sabotage blog 2…

Further to what I posted yesterday, and after reading a lot of the blogs throughout this process, I think we all face the ‘challenge’ which is a daily occurence, where its not so much about challenging others but more about challenging ourselves.  The challenge is NOT to give in to temptation or to be swayed in another direction, but rather to keep our focus.  We so easily self-sabotage ourselves or give in to temptations and often offer reasons to motivate our ‘negative’ decisions, instead of doing the ‘work’ to remain true to exactly what it is that we really want…

Note to self – be someone who MAKES IT HAPPEN for yourself….

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    Nicky Bester
    March 26th 2018

    So true! I am a master at self sabotage and I always have an excellent reason…until after the fact!

    Tracy Lee Campbell
    March 26th 2018

    Loving this


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