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So glad it is weekend!!

What a busy week!! I am so glad it’s the weekend. My weigh in went better than expected so I am feeling good!! I am also excited about the washout period and the change in menu for the next 2 weeks!! I think I am most excited about the skimmed milk, paw paw and strawberries and maybe even oats for some variety!! Am excited to see some new recipes 😊

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



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    Elsie Siepje
    March 11th 2018

    Aaaaaa I did not got anything about strawberries and the paw paw allowances…

    Daleen Le Grange
    March 11th 2018

    Why didn’t they tell us we can have strawberries and paw paw….is the new diets then different?

    Thea Erasmus
    March 12th 2018

    At my weigh-in on Friday, the nurse manually added that to the fruit saying you could have 100g as a fruit. Not sure now based on the latest feedback on the chat, but have asked her to clarify as there was no further feedback so let’s see what she says ;)


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