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Sorry guys

Hi mates, I’m sorry if I created a negative feeling in my blog last night, it was certainly not my intention. Hope you guys can lift up and get motivated for the diet. It’s really hard. But we can move onward and upward, or is that downward.

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    Daleen Le Grange
    February 6th 2018

    Thats oky… harm done… just keep going.🙃

  • administrator
    Health Renewal
    February 6th 2018

    Good day Debra, thank you for your apology. We accept. We are all just humans and sometimes difficult days creates unintentionally negativity. Luckily we are all part of the Slenderblog community and starting to become a family. The challenge is definitely not easy but with your fellow contestants support I believe you will get through this. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need anything. Hang in there! We believe in you! Dr Marissa


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