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Soulful Sunday

This is the first day that I didn’t follow the program exactly.  Had a breakfast out, but was able to limit it to a omelette with tomatoes.  Unnerved me a bit, felt that the day would unravel food wise. But I was quite surprised by my resolve to get back to the routine, so  followed this with the shake for lunch and then the usual snacks and dinner.

Looking back over this week I am amazed that I have stuck to the diet.  Usually  at some point the stress gets too much, and the usual bad food comforters sneak in at least once. But I haven’t been tempted, this is a first!

I feel ready for the week ahead, going to do my food prep which definitely helps when having busy days.

Onwards and upwards….

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    Yvette Van Rooyen
    February 5th 2018

    Well done for staying on track!

    Nicky Bester
    February 5th 2018

    Well done for staying on track – I agree stress levels usually send me munching!! This Slender Challange is definately helping!

  • administrator
    Anika Bosch
    February 5th 2018

    Well done on improvising with your meals, as you can see your still able to carry on with your daily routines while eating healthy.


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