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Sunday mental prep

It’s been a lovely Sunday for me, relaxing and restful.  I’ve had to do a bit of preparation for my day tomorrow, food-wise, work-wise, and my art stuff for my art class. Which, despite my initial misgivings as I’m usually so tired after work, I’m starting to really enjoy.


The art class has actually gotten my creative juices going, and I think I’m going to start an art journal.  Pinterest has so many inspiring ideas, and I’m excited to start looking into it and planning. I don’t have many hobbies, and I’d only put reading down at this point as I’ve not gone to yoga or scuba dived in ages. So yes, feeling excited.


This week ahead is going to be a busy one even though I’m not travelling.  Some important meetings at work, plus our AGM.  And I’m starting iLipo on Tuesday, so got a spin class booked for the early evening ….. hmmmmm. I’ve also set aside time to catch up with two friends, something I don’t get to do usually.


I’m praying for the strength to persevere with this diet, and continue to make meals interesting. How are you all finding it?

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    Thea Erasmus
    February 11th 2018

    I think I feel the same as you! Need some meal inspiration 😊 bought some meals to try so hopefully they will be great!!

  • administrator
    Health Renewal
    February 11th 2018

    Good luck with your week! Keep it up!

    Danielle Beder
    February 11th 2018

    A busy schedule certainly keeps a chance of failure at bay. You’ve got this 100%. I found this weekend hard but i am positive for the week. Have a good week!


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