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Today I am really filled with a bittersweet feeling. My special friend Amy is leaving for the USA. We are driving back from the BRC this morning, picking up her luggage from my house and dropping her off at the airport.

I have so enjoyed all the time I have gotten to spend with this unique lady. Amy is so different from me in many ways. She is super active, and loves surfing and hiking and yoga. I enjoy hiking and yoga but definitely less passionately. But we are able to discuss current affairs, and connect on a daily basis over the smallest things. Amy is incredibly supportive about this challenge, and is excited with my weightloss. She is encouraging, and has been sending me little notes to keep me motivated.

I really have such an amazing friend. I hope that you too have someone who is supporting your weight loss journey, a friend, a partner, a family member.

it’s so important to have the support, especially as we near the half way mark! If you don’t have anyone you can really talk to, reach out through your blog, and try connect with people. We’re all facing this challenge together, and while there may be one person who receives a prize at the end of this, we will all be winners!

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    Danielle Beder
    March 5th 2018

    It is so hard to say goodbye to wonderful friends. My hubby is that person to me <3


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