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Tearful Tuesday 😢

My scale is not moving!!! I’m minutes away from a panic attack…..4 Days left!!!! how am I going to drop below 100……Why is this happening now? I’m so motivated and do everything exactly right……..Good luck everyone………I’m hoping for the best….See you Saterday!!!

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    Danielle Beder
    April 17th 2018

    Ah Daleen. I sympathise completely. Mine isn’t moving either and I am eating on plan, exercising, drinking the water and even sweating it out in steam rooms. Don’t be sad, you done so well!

    Tracy Lee Campbell
    April 17th 2018

    I’ve also not dropped weight in a week. Just stick to the plan and at the end of it you will still know you have done your best!

    Jackie Houston
    April 17th 2018

    Just keep doing what you know you need to do – it WILL happen

    Nicky Bester
    April 18th 2018

    Only a couple of days left! Don’t give up! Just remember how well you have done along the way. Good Luck!


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