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The Finalé

Officially over.


Just completed the final weigh in. Lost a total of 17.4 kg. Although not completely at my goal, I am immensely grateful for what I have lost. Also, for what I have gained.


Thank you Skin Renewal for the amazing opportunity you have given me. An opportunity not only to lose the weight that was holding me down but to change my life completely.


Thank you Liana at Willowbridge for always being positive for me throughout my journey. Especially those times when my losses were not what I wished.


Thanks to all of you for your constant support, encouragement and motivation that carried me through the past 12 weeks. I could not have done it without you.


In my opinion, all of us have done remarkably well. Even if you have not reached goal weight yet, be proud of what you have done. You are amazing.


Good luck with the road ahead. I wish you nothing but the best.

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    Thea Erasmus
    April 21st 2018

    Well done Nadia!!

      April 21st 2018

      Thank you, Thea. Same to you. Keep well (and stay healthy).


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