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The nerves are kicking in

I’m sure that much like me, you are really making every effort with this diet. My first weigh in is tomorrow and the nerves are definitely kicking in. I really hope I’ve lost the kilos I need to lose on the path to achieve my goal.


On our first day, the doctor calculated what we should be able to lose, and in the first 6 weeks I’d really like to see at least 50% of that weight to be lost.  Seeing as during the first 6 weeks we should be the most responsive to HCG, it would hopefully be more but I’m definitely not pressurizing myself over that.


I’m flying back to Durban tonight, and will eat dinner when I get home just after 7pm. It’s felt like a long day today, and I know that tomorrow I am going to be very busy as well.


Here is a link to read some positive affirmations, thank you Tiny Buddha!



Im looking forward to seeing the first leaderboard! Good luck everyone.

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