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Typical Tuesday

Average day in terms of work and life. Just the typical Tuesday. The challenge is going well for me I think.


  • Sticking to the eating plan
  • Drinking my water
  • Did 30 minutes cardio (and a long trek through the mall) today
  • Standard 4 to 5 hours sleep. The only time I get more is on weekends.


I am pretty exhausted though. Had to force myself up to prep meals for tomorrow. And to write this blog actually. 😂


How far ahead do you prep your meals? I cannot do more than a day or 2 ahead. In my mind it just won’t be as fresh or good. It would make life easier but I am scared I would enjoy the meals less.


Also, how were you advised to or how have you increased the portion size of egg or yoghurt? I don’t recall being told and would like to add it in somewhere this week.


Sleep well, everyone. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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    Tracy Lee Campbell
    March 14th 2018

    I prep cooked meals by cooking in advance, freezing and reheating. I choose stuff that doesn’t go yucky.
    The handout I have doesn’t increase yogurt or egg, only meat protein

      March 14th 2018

      Thank you, Tracy. Received the handout you are talking about via e-mail earlier. Did not receive updated / all information at weigh-in last week.


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