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Water weight

Over the weekend at the BRC, one of the ladies I travelled with used to own a Cross Fit Gym and was chatting to me about water weight.

I hadn’t thought much about it previously, but it suddenly made more sense to me. In the morning I weigh nearly 2kg less than in the evening. It’s a pretty consistent difference, and with the amount of water we are consuming, I definitely think its something to understand.

We’ve all heard how our successful first two weeks was most likely due to water weight being lost. Here is an exerpt from an online article I found which explains the intial loss really well:
“Weight Loss Means Losing Water
Those fun facts also explain why going on a diet can cause the number on your scale to plummet during the first few weeks. You’re essentially excreting the extra water your diet has been causing you to hold on to, says Ashvini Mashru, R.D., author of Small Steps to Slim.

When you go on a calorie-restricted diet, your body burns through the reduced calories you’re consuming, then it starts dipping into your glycogen stores for energy. And because glycogen is bound in the body by water, burning glycogen also means releasing the water it holds onto. In other words, you’re making it rain—in water weight.

“This initial weight loss can be as much as eight pounds, depending on your starting weight,” says Mashru. Just keep in mind that once you rehydrate, the number on the scale will go back up a bit. “This doesn’t mean that you’re retaining water in an unhealthy way; your body is just adjusting to your healthier eating habits,” she adds.”

So now, what’s the story with water weight? According to the articles I read, our body stabilises, and there are a number of ways to keep water weight on track:
1) Lower salt intake
2) Drink more water (already doing this!)
3) Stress management as cortisol level affects water retention
4) Adequate sleep which in turn affects cortisol

Also, a note for women – the week before your menstrual cycle, your body will very likely hold extra weight in water. Apparently taking magnesium and vitamin B6 will aid in reducing this, but only after 2 months of regular doses.

So just some interesting info for my fellow challengers! Enjoy and hope you find it useful!

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