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Another day

I feel as though I think the same thing every week but time is really flying and weigh day is just around the corner! The past two weeks I feel as though things have slowed down a bit, so will be interesting to see what the scale says.

I made chicken curry last night (enough for 4 portions) and had some for lunch again today and I really enjoyed it!! I definitely will be making it again!!

I have been so busy at work the past couple of weeks (and anticipate this to continue for the next couple of weeks). It’s good because it keeps me pre-occupied but I would also like to have a bit more time to maybe try and start walking a bit and build up my fitness. I sometimes still feel quite tired at the end of the day with no energy! Hopefully I can get some lipo powder on Friday!!



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    Juliet Kriel
    March 8th 2018

    Looks delish. Glad you enjoyed it.


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