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Can’t believe it’s already week2…. I’m glad the weekend’s over…. So with a shocking discovery about my kithen scale that wasn’t right i can now start new this week…… i need to loose better weight because i won’t handle another disappointment ….Ready to do this

Strongs to all my fellow Loosers we can do this❣❣❣

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  • administrator
    Anika Bosch
    February 5th 2018

    Glad to see you are still going strong and all positive, this is your week!! Strongs

      Elsie Siepje
      February 5th 2018

      Thnx so much Anika❣…

    Juliet Kriel
    February 5th 2018

    Know you can do it. This is just a miner dip in the road. Now you are on track, and nothing is going to hold you back.

      Elsie Siepje
      February 5th 2018

      Aaaa thanx J….you are Always such a great motivator for me its much appreciated ❣…. 🌹


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