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Weigh Day☺

Today was weigh in day …..and i was so excited because i kept to a tee to my diet program even drink 4 and a half liters of water everyday what was kind of a very big accomplishment for me…..BUT….. to my disappointment i only lost 3.9kg really hoped it would’ve been more ….  but it is what is and i will not let the disappointment discourage me  i will still give it my best!…..

Congratulations on all my fellow Loosers with all your amazing weigh in results❣

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    Nicky Bester
    February 11th 2018

    You got this Elsie! That is excellent! almost 2kgs per week!! 1kg a week is normally considered good!

    Elsie Siepje
    February 11th 2018

    Aaaa thank you Nicky ❣


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